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Technology Services


Small and Medium business face unique challenges when it comes to capital investments to meet their technology needs. At the same time, small and medium businesses rely on the power of technology to form a reliable foundation for the successful execution of their business plan. Leveraging the power of technology to reach these business goals is what Alaire IT Group is all about.


Proper security for your data and the ability to recover your data in the event of a fire or other emergency is also part of any successful technology implementation. Alaire IT Group is able to evaluate the security concerns and provide a customized plan for data security so only the right people have access to the right information. Proper backup systems will also allow for recovery from the accidental deletion of a file to the need for system recovery in a disaster.


Office voice communications is also a service thatAlaire IT Group can provide. The ability to integrate the voice and data systems, allows for greater cost savings and the ability to provide the features needed to conduct business in our out of your office. Whether the need is video conferencing, voice conference calls or just a reliable phone is each office Alaire IT Group can meet your communications needs.


Alaire IT Group provides the necessary expertise to evaluate the technology needs in your business that supports your current needs and future growth. Aggressive pricing will allow you to get the best resources for your business and ongoing support will keep your technology up to date and reliable.Alaire IT Group can bring real solutions to the table for all areas of technology. From telecommunications to data storage and retrieval Alaire IT Group is able to provide everything from software to central servers, desktops and laptops for the end user to the design and installation of dependable networks that meet your specifications.